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Dear Dr. Sesemann and team,

I was going to a cosmetic dentist elsewhere when I needed to have four wisdom teeth removed. Thankfully oral surgeon Dr. Bruce Kuhn was adamant that I first consult with Dr. Sesemann.

Due to very soft teeth, and in spite of 60 years of excellent dental care, I had a mouth full of old crowns. Unfortunately what little teeth I had underneath these crowns were diseased and disintegrating. What a mess. Dr. Sesemann and his wonderful staff began to redo this situation.

Then, after waiting 60 years, my son Matt proposed to his lovely Katy and because of their age, set a wedding date for eight months later. After waiting so long to be Mother of the Groom, I wanted everything to be perfect. Dr. Sesemann put me on the fast track. On the big day, this Mother of the Groom had the most beautiful smile in the wedding party, not to mention lots of confidence.

I cannot say enough about the care, unbelievable expertise, and the genuine concern by everyone at the NICD. I have always told my sons that whatever you do, if you do it well, you are another Michelangelo. Dr. Sesemann is truly the ultimate Michelangelo!!!



Moving to Los Angeles from Nebraska to pursue my career in the entertainment industry was hard enough! Pursuing it without full confidence in my smile was a burden. I found it very difficult to be "on" in front of the camera when deep down I knew my teeth needed work. In an industry where the standard of beauty is almost perfection, being good at what you do is not enough. You have to look great and your smile is key.

I spent a few years researching and consulting with cosmetic dentists in L.A. until I decided to take another look around. I am so glad I did!

From my first consultation to my final appointment and photo shoot, Dr. Sesemann and his team were extremely professional, caring and genuine. I was also immediately impressed with the high-tech yet beautiful office, Dr. Sesemann's expertise and the smiles all around!

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, no matter where you live, Dr. Sesemann and his team are well worth traveling for. They are the best in their field, they care and they want you to be happy with your smile. I am ecstatic about mine! I feel beautiful – my teeth are perfectly tailored to me and they look natural. I needed a camera-ready smile and now I have it. What a wonderful experience!


Dr. Sesemann was my dentist when I lived in Omaha in the early ‘90s and is again now that I’ve moved back. In between I worked in a number of markets and saw a variety of dentists.  None of them realized I had extensive dental work until they saw my radiographs. When I told them Dr. Sesemann had done the dentistry, nobody was surprised.


Dear Dr. Sesemann,
About a year ago, I started experiencing horrible headaches. I visited doctor after doctor, feeling tossed around, never hearing any answers and never meeting a professional that would invest in healing the pain I was feeling.

We met and visited about my headaches trying to discover if there was anything relating my teeth to the headaches. I will always remember that you listened, you took thorough notes and I felt that you were the first person who cared about solving my problems.

After further tests and your recommendation, you worked on equilibrating my bite. It was an absolutely painless and easy process – and relatively fast, too. You and your staff made me feel comfortable and were always informative about the procedures, putting care and precision into the work.

 After two appointments, I will tell you that I have never felt better! I can bite down evenly on both sides and much of the jaw soreness and tension I had been feeling as a result of my previous bite has completely gone away. Since the equilibration, I have not had a single headache or any facial or jaw pain.

 Thank you for adjusting my teeth and fixing my headache problem. I feel like a new person!  I would encourage anyone with a similar situation to check into equilibration with your practice.

Thank you,

Dennis Wells, DDS, Comprehensive Dentist, Nashville, Tennessee

I treat a lot of entertainers and discriminating people who make a living with their appearance, and I had very specific ideas about how my smile should look and feel.

I wanted a complete dentist with great cosmetic and functional skills—someone whose artistry and dedication to detail was extraordinary. It became clear to me that dentist was Michael Sesemann.  He's a real leader in our profession.

Dr. Wells treats many of Nashville's entertainment stars and appeared on the “Extreme Makeover” TV show. See more about Dr. Wells at http://www.drdenniswells.com/.

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